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Worship Week, November 22: How the Church Tells Time

Advent Week I, November 29: Prophets

Advent Week II, December 6: Elizabeth

Advent Week III, December 15: Mary & Joseph

Advent Week IV, December 22:The Shepherds

Christmas/Christmas Eve/Christmas Sunday: Jesus

Epiphany, January 3: The Magi

Other Advent Resources

Teaching Justice 2020 Style

Based on an intergenerational model of learning, the web-based
 highlights the Poor People’s Campaign five “jubilee
justice” principles around communities, inclusion, voice, lifting all,
and the concept that there is enough for all.

Christmas Mission Project

Disciples Justice for Children Minister Rev. Kate Epperly (of the

Ministries Across Generations Team) invites you and the children in

your life to join in a Do-at-Home Christmas Mission Project.

Looking for an easy, yet very meaningful hands-on mission project

for your children, youth or family to do during this pandemic time of

all-too-much time at home or in “virtual reality”?

This project is simple but very meaningful because it will provide some

5000 asylum seekers (many of whom are children) in detainment at

Eloy Detention Center in Eloy, Arizona with the only Christmas

present they are going to receive.

This project is undertaken in partnership with the Florence Immigrant and Refugee Rights Project which provides free legal and social services for adults and children in immigration.  FIRRP hopes that every detainee will receive a greeting! They successfully achieved their goal last year. We are blessed to be able to help them make their goal this year! Before you begin, please note, that the flat, unsealed cards and envelopes must be sent to the person collecting the cards for us before the middle of November. 

See details at:

November, 2020 Video Meeting

October, 2020 Video Meeting: Generative Church

COVID-19 - Ideas

"COVID-19 Camp Games"


21 Social Distancing Games and Safe Activities for Kids to Do This Summer

Justice Ideas

Refugee and Immigration Virtual Mission: Free!

Going Back into the Building with Children (and Adults) 
As some of our churches prepare to re-open, we encourage the leaders

to recognize that the needs of the children are more complex in both what they see, experience, and hear.

Coronavirus, Anxiety, Children and the Church (Building Faith)
How Your Children’s Ministry Can Emerge Stronger and Better After COVID-19 (Faith Formation Ministries) 

CDC Guidelines

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