Curricula & Programs

Good curricula and resources are critical when it comes to building a strong faith foundation for our children. Each church, leader, and group have different needs and wants for resources. Together, however, we all want to create biblically literate children who have the skill set needed to be an active part of God's work in the church today and in the future. Below are tools that will help.

Children Worship & Wonder

If your church is not embracing this amazing resource, you are missing out. It is changing our children and our churches.


Intergenerational Program Ideas & Resources

Tools for bringing generations together, enriching everyone's ability to know God.


Children's Curricula & Educational Resources

Trying to figure out what to do with those children on Sunday mornings or Tuesday evenings? Check out our recommendations for all ages, including intergenerational groups.


Worship Resources

Acolyte Training, Child Dedications, Family Dedications, Baptisms, Confirmations, Promotion Sunday, Children's Led Worship, and Children in Worship. See also Liturgical Resources.


Beyond Sunday Morning

Resources and ideas for expanding your children's ministry beyond worship and Sunday morning education hour.


Nursery & Toddlers

Even the little ones have the ability to experience the Divine Presence.


Summer Programs & Activities

Camp Curriculums, Vacation Bible Schools, Mission Trips, Retreats, and other activities.


Interfaith & Ecumenical

Children are the first place where communication should begin to overcome the hatred and misinformation of "isms."


Stewardship & Mission

Children can give money, time, and talents in many ways. We must teach them early the importance of giving back to God through giving to others.



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