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We Have a Camp for That....


Do you know that one kid that just may not "fit" into the standard Junior (JYF) camp program? Do you know a kid who needs camp but can't afford to go and doesn't regularly attend a church? Every region offers great summer/winter camp ministries. Some kids, however, may need or want something that is not in their region, but still offered in another region. A region near you (or not) may offer something one of your kids or youth needs.
Click below to find out more about the "Specialty Camp and Programs" that may be the place for a child or youth to encounter God on a their level. Some of these camps include: Austism Camps, Inner City Camps, Mission Camps, Family Camps, Sailing Camps, Equestrian Camps, High Adventure Camps, Arts Camps, and More!
To find a regional camp near you, check out the regional webpages.
All regional webpages are listed:


Camp programs are always changing, but here are some places to start if you know someone or a family who may want a different camp experience.
Here are just a few of the wide variety of camp experiences offered in our regions.
eated to be Me (Usually 8th going into 9th Grade):  Capitol Area, Indiana, North Carolina, Tennessee, Mid-America, Southwest

Arts Camps: Virginia, Indiana, Kansas (Music), Nebraska, Upper Midwest, Mid-America

Equestrian: Kansas, Kansas City, North Carolina, Southwest
Water (Boats): Florida, Nebraska, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Mid-America

Family/Grandparent/Intergenerational: Florida, Indiana, Ohio, Kansas City, Michigan, Montana, Virginia, Southwest, Mid-America, Upper Midwest, Northern California

Wilderness: Kansas, Upper Midwest, Southwest
Disabilities: Nebraska, North Carolina, Virginia
Inner City: North Carolina, Virginia, Tennessee
Reconciliation Camp: Mid-America
Keep in mind that CAMP IS NOT JUST FOR YOUTH – Most regions have camps that are for young children (Mini, Wee, Discovery, Try It, Genesis, etc.). Some camps even start as young as Pre-School.  Often these beginning camper programs include an element for adults to participate. This is the best time and way to help your child engage in one of the most important experiences of their faith. Camp is for everyone, and there is a camp for everyone - and we believe God LOVES camp!

See also our main Summer Programs page


From the Camp Lakey Gap
"Camp Lakey Gap at Christmount is a camp for people with autism. Our program design is based on a successful philosophy for supporting people with autism."

Created to Be Me

Soon to be 9th grade
Created To Be Me”® is a tightly designed ecumenical camping program focused on spirituality and sexuality presented by Just Say No Ministry.

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