Holy "SPIRIT" Holy "WEEK"

(Virtual Holy Week for Churches!) - (PDF)


Three Ways to Participate
We want you to make this work in your ministry context at this time. So this can be done as an individual, a family, and as a virtual church with physical (but not social) distancing. 

One Player: Share a photo or short video (15 seconds or less), of the activity below.
Examples: Need others to share communion? Set up some stuffed animals and enjoy a “communion party” instead of a “tea party.”


Multiple Players: Share a photo or short videos (30 second or less) of the activity below.

Examples: Have a grandparent that chats with you virtually? Have that grandparent share a story about something good they did when they were younger.


Congregational Play: Share photos or short video of the activities below being done in virtual or physically distant ways.
Examples: Have everyone write down one sentence of a prayer. Have everyone take turns reading their one line of the prayer. Share a video or a picture of the prayer when all the pieces come together!

Points! - You must hashtag #HolySPIRITholyWEEK for points!

5 points for an image!
10 point for video!
1 per church-related hashtag. (Below - 4 points!) 

#HolySPIRITholyWEEK #CCDOC, #DHMissions, and #ministriesacrossgen . . . church? region? 
Tweet: @minacrossgenDOC

1 point per person in video!

Bonus points for creativity!

Examples: Ideas and Activities for Each Day

Please make sure you are following safe procedures for online sharing. Here are some guidelines for churches


Palm Sunday: Wave Your Palms Sunday! #HolySPIRITholyWEEK

Video or photo your fun ways of sharing, waving, and celebrating Jesus’ ride into Jerusalem.

Need Palms? Here is an easy idea for all ages. (More below on the Pinterest Board.) 
Already have palms but need people? Some pastors are following safe ways to "drop off" branches at homes or wave them in a car parade!


Monday: Share Some Jesus Monday! #HolySPIRITholyWEEK

Video or photo your pictures with Jesus. Everyone needs some Jesus... so share Jesus! 

Need Jesus? You can make a Flat Jesus friend to journey with this week. 
Faces of Holy Week 

Tuesday: Playfully Pray Through Tuesday! #HolySPIRITholyWEEK

Prove me wrong! So many people are afraid to pray, or they feel that there is a “right” way to pray.

Video or photo some amazing ways to pray.

Here are some great ideas!


Wednesday: Wash Your Feet or Hands Wednesday! #HolySPIRITholyWEEK


This is not a need for a pedicure, but for a way playfully learn about the sacred time Jesus washed the disciples' feet. 

Don’t like touching feet? Wash your dog’s feet or sing a church camp song that helps wash your hands.
Video or photo some amazing ways to celebrate Jesus and not germs!


Thursday: Creative Communion! #HolySPIRITholyWEEK

You may have run out of bread a long time ago. Jesus used what was around to create something special.
What food do you have to help celebrate communion? Video or photo.

Here are some ways to create a sacred meal/food with your family.

Seder Meal
Bunny Cake (no religious significance, but fun!)

Friday: Do Good Friday! #HolySPIRITholyWEEK

Don’t know what to do? Here is a good activity to share some parts of Holy Week.
Holy Week Scavenger Hunt Around Your House
Another fun option for “Do Good Friday” is to garden and take care of nature. 
Video or photo some of the “do good” activities.  
Holy Week Story for Families (PDF)


Saturday: In the Meantime, in Between Time: Opposite Day #HolySPIRITholyWEEK

Can you think of a way to share a photo or video that shows opposites.

Fast/Slow, Still/Walk, and other "in between" one place and another.

Sunday: Hug-a-Cross and Hallelujah! #HolySPIRITholyWEEK

It’s Easter! Find or make a cross and jump for joy! 
Video or photo some ways you are so glad that Jesus is alive, that you want to hug him!

Easter Story for Families (PDF) 


Creative People - Virtual Lent, Easter, and Worship at Home

Virtual Holy Week Pinterest Board

At Home Family Worship Practices for Holy Week by Rev. Lisa Engelken (All Practices) 

Palm Sunday


Washing Feet


Good Friday

There are already resources throughout this website, and we will continue to share online worship. Here are a few of the other pages that will help you worship and home. Plus, we have talented pastors who are sharing with us their ways of reaching families, 


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