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General Assembly Highlights
Families, Youth, Children, and Young Adults

Wear 5K/10K t-shirts & medals at GA (both years) on Tuesday!





We gathered those who are working directly with Children, Youth, Young Adults & Families at GA to let you know all the ways for different ages to engage in the assembly. 


If you missed the webinar, check out the video.

Booth - DHM - Find Us!

Book Signings

Issues Related to Children, Families, Young Adults, and Youth

Marriage, Children’s Books, Parenting, Childhood and Preaching (Schedule

Children Worship & Wonder Stories

CW&W Trainers will be leading stories and responding to questions. (Schedule) 

Family Friendly Area

This area will also have crafts for all ages. These crafts will be added to the Young Adult's backpack mission

Photo Booth (Young Adults)

And There is More!

DHM Meal includes pricing for children, join us!


Disciples Rally for Family Justice: Saturday 3-5 pm (flyer)


Workshops to Note on Sunday

Homegrown Faith and Justice with Kate Epperly

Intergenerate with Olivia Bryan Updegrove

Grief, Stillbirth and Pastoral Care (Panel Discussion) 

Discussions Opportunities: 

Coordinator for Justice and Advocacy and Interim Children Worship & Wonder Coordinator, Kate Epperly

DHM Marriot Suite

12-1 pm (bring your lunch if you wish!)

Monday: "Children, Worship and Wonder" trainers and all interested persons

Tuesday: Family resources and practices for nurturing "Homegrown Peace and Justice"

Wednesday:"Gun Violence Prevention and Safety for Families" co-facilitated by Rev. Kris Eggert, Director of God Before Guns.

Sunday Morning Worship Experiences

Sunday morning at General Assembly is a time where we get to spread out over the city and participate in the local churches and ministries in the area. Historically, the youth and families have been segregated into their own worship. This time, however, the youth, young adults, children and families are spreading out in a variety of ways to show that ONE MEANS ONE.

Your group can go ANYWHERE to worship! We invite you to stay connected through social media throughout the services. We want you to share quotes, photos, memories, and more as you experience various worships with your group and with others.  (You get to really participate and learn from more than one experience.)

Worship Opportunities - Information will be updated.

Linwood Christian Church

Highlights:Speaker, Families and Children Minister, Olivia Bryan Updegrove. Children led pre-worship. In worship children activities.

Speedway Christian Church

Avon Christian Church

Convention Center: Obra Hispana - Adoration Worship

Work and Worship Opportunities

If you are interested in any of these please contact us and we will assist.  

Ronald McDonald House I (15-20 People)

Ronald McDonald House II (15-20 People) 

Convention Center: Backpacks/Wheeler Center

All Sunday Morning Worship Opportunities: (Click here)

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