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7. Technology and Social Media

Technology and social media are not negative until people use them in negative ways. It's important for anyone working with children and youth to stay up-to-date on the most current forms of technology to enhance awareness and keep kids' engagement with technology appropriate.

Best Practices for Church Leaders, Guardians, and Minors
Insurance Board Insights (Best Practices)
Basic Standards for Adults
  • Never "friend" a child on any form of technology and social media without written permission from the guardian.
  • Never have a one-on-one conversation in an e-mail, chat, or video room. If a child begins a chat, make them aware that a third party needs to be included.
  • Always e-mail parents when e-mailing youth information.
  • Have written permission from the child's guardian to text message, chat, e-mail, or use any other form of communication.
  • Do not post pictures, videos, etc. of the child without written permission from a guardian.
  • Live by the covenant signed in the technology and social media world. Do not post pictures, information, blogs and so forth that go against the example you are expected to set for the children.
  • If you see something bothersome posted by a guardian or child/youth, you have a responsibility to respond through the policies and methods set out by your congregation. You should double check the Mandatory Reporting Standards.
  • Use technology and social media to encourage, engage, and enliven your ministry!
Privacy and Internet Safety (by Common Sense Media): Helping families talk and put safety measures in place. 

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