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Stewardship Crafts







Stewardship can be complicated when working with children. There are many ways to teach stewardship. The act of doing an outreach activity and the act of giving to an important ministry are important tools in solid faith formation.  Children are willing participants, but the struggles of money and time still can complicate their learning and ability to embrace stewardship.
Mission Crafts allow parents to not have to use resources or extra time, unless parents want to try some of these in their home. Children do crafts all the time in church. Mission Crafts are crafts that are done with mission and stewardship teaching in mind.  They are simple in theory, but have great potential for educating both the children and parents about important ministries and outreach.


Mission Crafts:

  1. Think ahead and call ahead if you need. Buy supplies. Make the craft. Give it away. (This is the only step required.)
  2. Teach about the outreach to the kids.  (Grab a pamphlet. Watch a video. Take a trip.)
  3. Make it a group event and include the parents.
Mission Craft Recipients and Suggestions
Crafts come in all shapes and sizes. The mission craft is not about providing a list of specific crafts, but helping to think through organizations and ways to engage the children in the mission life of the church and beyond.  Oriental Trading is an online source to find craft materials. There are also lots stores to buy crafts items. There is always that one creative and crafty church member who can help assist with these projects.  
  • Gifts for College Student(care package box, pencil holder, mouse pad, and letters)
  • Dog Biscuits for Shelters or Neighbors (recipes are online - check allergies)
  • People in the PewsVeterans, Cancer Survivors, Active Military, New Members, Campers and Counselors, Teachers, etc. (make ornaments, bookmarks, cup cozies, mugs, picture frames or snow globes to give to those members in specific groups)
  • Environmental Projects(decorate reusable grocery bags, recycling boxes, or water bottles)
  • Local Feeding or Housing Program
    (use socks, soaps, mittens, washcloths and some item like google eyes to make a fun and useful item)
Craft Examples:
Aprons and Oven Mitts
Wash Cloth Fish
Breast Cancer Necklace
Reusable Grocery Bags
Summer Fans in the Pews
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