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Specialty Programs & Camps



Peace Village (Intergenerational)

"An Invitation to Peace Village: Faith Formation in a Multifaith World is based on models of inspiring ministry in the United Church of Christ. An Invitation to Peace Village is a DVD resource lifts up the work of one powerful and effective model of interfaith, faith formation ministry from the Congregational Church of San Mateo in California. The accompanying handbook offers an engaging and helpful “how-to” framework for cultivating a Peace Village in your own congregation and community."

Search Institute (Adults)

"Partner for organizations around the world in discovering what kids need to succeed.

Our research, resources, and expertise help our partners in organizations, schools, and community coalitions solve critical challenges in the lives of young people."


Passport, Inc (Youth)

"Founded in 1993, Passport, Inc. has developed a reputation for creative, high quality Christian programs for students, moving and theologically stretching worship, an energetic staff, and hands-on mission and discipleship experiences for youth with mission education for kids."


Day Programs Ideas

  • Meet once a week, twice a month, or a specialty weekend

  • Activities: Mission Activities, Movies, Outreach, & Meals

  • Just Kids, Families, Grandparents, Mentors, Entire Church

Project Disaster

Imagine your youth group has been hit with a disaster. You are now living in a danger zone – wreckage, possible injuries and no basic necessities like food or water. How will you survive?

30 Hour Famine

The Famine is totally customizable for groups of all different styles and sizes, so you can choose the format that works best for you.


Summer Camps

While many regions have age-based camps. Several regions offer camps

that may be better for a youth, child, or family. There is something for

everyone at camp!


Contact Us if Interested in any of the following camps


  • Sailing/Kayak/Canoe/Water ski Camp

  • Autism Camp

  • Equestrian Camp

  • Grandparent Camp

  • Family Camps

  • North American Pacific Asian Disciples Camp: Winter, Loch Leven, Pacific Southwest Region

  • Mission Trip Camp

  • Mental Disabilities Camp

  • Inner City Kids Camp:

  • Eighters "Created to be Me" Camp

  • Music, Art, Drama Camp

  • Young Adult Camp

  • Adult Camp

  • Senior Adult Camp

  • Intergenerational Camp

  • Preacher Camp

  • Wilderness/Hiking Camp

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