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Volunteers & Sponsors

Recruiting & Retaining
Everyone struggles at times to find and retain good volunteers, sponsors, and camp staff. The tools here will help offer your group guidance and structure: 
Dealing with Volunteer Burnout (Video)


Recruitment Process: Mark DeVries of Ministry Architects has put together a process that works. View his free resource, "Working The Recruitment Process" and companion video for growing your group of volunteers.

Training: As funds and time allow, consider offering relevant training to your volunteer leadership to refresh, renew, and engage them in ministry.

Safety: Adding to your volunteer pool means including a new group as caretakers of the children in your ministry. Make sure volunteers know the ins and outs of what it means to be a safe church.

Volunteer Personnel Files - See our page for Basic Form Templates
HELP! I am a new volunteer!
Check out our HELP! page for basics to get you started as a new volunteer or leader of a new ministry.
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