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Help! (For Leaders)

This entire website is to help those working with families find helpful resources. At the same time, as leaders, we sometimes just need basic HELP visioning and refocusing to find where God is truly calling our ministries. We need to know the current trends, be inspired, and feel supported in the midst of our busy lives.



Contact Us! We are trying to live out this important ministry daily, and if you need to talk, vent, or connect, we are available.
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Visit some of the blogs we recommend. These pages give voice to many leaders who may be going through similar struggles to what you are encountering in your ministry.
Our YouTube Channel: Check out our playlist of "Leaders and Leading" videos for some of the top voices speaking about changes in ministry. You don't always have to go to a conference to get updated.

Consultants & Online Resources

Ministry Architects:
"Ministry Architects has become the nation’s leading provider of youth ministry, children’s ministry and small church consulting."

21st Century Faith Formation: "The big idea for this approach to 21st century faith formation is simple: develop a connected, networked model of faith formation that is lifelong (all ages) and lifewide (whole life), and provides a wide diversity of engaging and interactive faith formation content and experiences in online and physical settings."
The starting places to keep spaces and experiences sacred. 
Faith Formation in the Family
Tools for encouraging Faith Formation in the home.
Remember, if there was only ONE answer to how ministry works, we wouldn't need a whole website! Just take one step at a time, and know that you are not alone.

Becoming a Collaborative Leader
- Jim Ladoux

Move beyond the "Silo" mindset...

Embrace & share the knowledge of others...

Select partners wisely...

Be intentional about collaboration...

Make collaboration a sustainable habit...

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