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Kids to Kids Project Guides

Kids to Kids projects offer hands-on ways for kids to help other kids — here in the U.S. and around the world. Each project is designed around a different theme and includes educational resources, concrete mission ideas, and kid friendly explanations of difficult topics like hunger, poverty, immigration, human trafficking, and others. These projects help kids process stories they may hear in the news and enable them to show God’s love to those in need.

Kids to Kids: Responding to the Flint Water Crisis

How important is good, clean water to your everyday life? What would your life be like without it?


This intergenerational guide is designed to educate adults and children on the water crisis in Flint, Michigan (and beyond) including background on how this crisis came about, connecting faith to actions, and ways to respond for all ages.


View the full project guide.

Kids to Kids: Syrian Refugees

"How would you feel if you couldn't safely live at home anymore? How would you feel if you couldn't safely live in the USA because people were being mean to you and hurting you or your family? What other country would be a place you could live?"


This guide includes kid-friendly explanations of what it means to be a refugee as well as information specific to the Syrian refugee crisis. Children's book recommendations and ways for kids to participate in hands-on missions are included.


View the full Refugees project guide.

Kids to Kids: Modern Day Slavery (or Human Trafficking)

"What if...Instead of going to school you had to work all day from sun up to sun down. You couldn't play with friends, read your favorite book, or give your teacher a hug. You couldn't learn how to read or write and you wouldn't have a chance to have recess, play sports, or play an instrument..."


This guide includes kid-friendly explanations of the living conditions some children in our world face, along with information on fair trade, basic human rights, and links to organizations to learn more. There are also children's book recommendations and ways to take action to help kids in modern slavery.


View the full Modern Day Slavery project guide.

Kids to Kids: Children at Our Southern Borders

 “Kids, You may have heard on the news or from grown-ups talking that there are children and teenagers from Mexico and Central America who have made long journeys to come and live in the United States. There have been a lot of pictures in the news….”


Our resources include concrete project ideas, kid-friendly explanations on refugees and immigrations issues, and recommendations for websites and organizations where you can learn more.


View the full Children at Our Southern Borders project guide.

Kids to Kids Vacation Bible School

For the Kids to Kids curricula, "Journey to Congo," "Journey to India," and "Journey to Columbia," see our Vacation Bible School page.

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