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Are you part of the "&"?

​Family & Children’s Ministries has been working to reconcile the harm that has been caused by age segregated ministry. We have been having conversations with many voices within the diversity of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) community and beyond. These conversations are moving us away from the silos that separate us to the gospel that unites us. Just as each person has various gifts, each person’s ministry is much more than a single title or interest.

Are you an "&"?

During General Assembly next month, you will find those working with families, children, youth, and young adults working together and in many different ways. We are not “either/or.”

Instead, we are a ministry of “&'s.”

“I do this, and…” “You do this, and…” “We do this, and…”

We can’t support teens without supporting parents. We can’t support parents without understanding the needs of their elderly parents. We can’t support children without giving them adults to guide them. We can’t support God’s call without working to reconcile across harmful lines of broken relationships and divisions. We can’t limit the image of “family” to fit into a box that limits God’s community.

Will you join us in bringing all ages together for a lifelong experience of faith?

Will you help us create intentional ways for all voices at all ages to be leaders -- together?

Will you be part of the “&” connections and conversation? We invite all for discussion. We are not the church without YOU.

Find out more at the Family & Children's Ministries Booth (Disciples Home Missions, Exhibit Area 411) at General Assembly. (For a list of where else to find us at GA, see our June newsletter.)

In the meantime, we invite you to reflect on our question, “Are you an &?”, and share in the comments, on your own blogs or social platforms, and with your ministries and groups. This is a discussion we hope will continue long after General Assembly!

Olivia & Olivia


Olivia Updegrove & Olivia Stewart serve as joint Family & Children's Ministers for the Chrisitan Church (Disciples of Christ). Read their bios on our Staff page.

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